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The Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma is a federally recognized Native American tribe located in Miami, Oklahoma. The tribe is descended from the Ottawa people, who historically inhabited the Great Lakes region of North America.

The Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma was officially recognized by the United States government in 1867, and their current tribal constitution was ratified in 1978. The tribe has its own government, which includes an elected tribal council and a tribal court system.

The tribe operates several businesses, including the High Winds Casino, Otter Stop, Otter Cove, and the Adawe Travel Center. They also offer educational and cultural programs, such as language classes and powwows, to preserve and promote their traditional way of life.

As of 2021, the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma has over 4,000 enrolled members, with many living both on and off the tribe’s lands. The tribe continues to be an active and important part of the Native American community in Oklahoma and throughout the United States.