Ottawas Care 4 Ottawas

Ottawas Care 4 Ottawas is a new initiative inspired by a tribal member who desired to use the money she would normally have donated to The Angel Tree to instead buy gifts for Ottawa foster children. Moved by this gesture, we would like to provide all tribal members an opportunity to give back to the tribe this year by sponsoring an Ottawa child that has been placed in foster care. If you would like to participate as a sponsor, please fill out the portion of the application designated for sponsors so we can connect you with one of our foster children or youth and email it to or drop it at the office. Unwrapped gifts with the child’s name on it must be delivered or dropped off at the tribal office no later than December 15th.  Gifts will be packaged and shipped at the tribe’s expense so that participating parties can remain anonymous. We recommend spending approximately $30-$50 per child.

All Ottawa children and youth in foster care are eligible for application – regardless of whether or not they live within a 50-mile radius of tribal offices (kinship placements included). If you are a guardian or foster parent of an Ottawa child and would like to participate, please fill out the portion of the application designated for Foster Parent/Guardian and send it to or drop it at the office as soon as possible.


Jonathan Jacobs
Director of Indian Child Welfare, CMII, BHRS, Wellness Coach
Cell: 918-533-6606
Office: 918-540-1536 ext: 9067
Fax: 918-542-3214