Car Tags

The Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma offers tags for:
motor vehicles, motorcycles, RV, handicap, personalized & Veterans.

*A DD214 or Military ID is required to qualify for a Veteran’s Tag. 
*Personalized Tags have to be ordered. 


Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm
(Please arrive no later than 4 PM for new tags or renewals.)

Renewals can be done by email. Phone in with debit/credit card info for the payment after the required documents are emailed.

How to Obtain a New Tag

  • Tribal Member must have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license
  • Valid vehicle insurance with tribal member’s name on it
  • Original title (notarized and properly signed by buyers and sellers) with tribal member’s name on it
  • Tribal membership card (not CDIB card)
  • Lien information (Including Lien entry form or lien release, if applicable)
  • *If any other name is to be on the tribal title, the tribal member must have it put on the original title. A signed and dated instruction letter to add the other(s) names can be sent.

Upon sale of a tribally tagged vehicle:

Upon the sale of the vehicle, the tribal member is responsible for removal of the tribal tag. It can be returned to the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma Tag Office. The office needs notified when a vehicle is sold or no longer in their possession.

Change of Address

If your address changes, please contact the tag office to report the change. This will assist in avoiding late penalties.

2023 Tag Prices

First Time Registering Vehicle with Ottawa Tribe

  • 2023-2019: $100.00 (plus Mailing fee)
  • 2018-2014: $75.00 (plus Mailing fee)
  • 2013-Older: $50.00 (plus Mailing fee)

Mailing Fees

  • all license tag plates  – add $6.00 mailing fee or tag won’t be mailed Otherwise can pick up.
  • All personal tag license plates – add $6.00 mailing fee or tag won’t be mailed. Otherwise can pick up.
  • All renewal stickers for tags – add $1.00 mailing fee or renewals won’t be mailed. Otherwise can pick up.

Renewal Prices

  • 2022-2018: $75.00 (plus Mailing fee)
  • 2017-2013: $50.00 (plus Mailing fee)
  • 2012 – Older: $25.00 (plus Mailing fee)

Veteran’s Tags

No charges for first “2” tags & registrations or renewals on the first “2” registered as Veteran’s Tags. Tribal Member must provide copy of DD214 or Military ID. Motorcycles are not included for Veteran’s tags. Only allowed two tags per tribal member. Veteran’s tags must be returned to office upon death. Renewable yearly. Lien fees and duplicate titles are still charged at regular prices.

Handicapped Tags

There is an application that must be filled out and one time fee of $10.00 for the New Tag plus price of registration/renewal. (plus mailing fee)

Personalized Tags

  • $10.00 plus renewal fee/Registration Fee (plus mailing fee)

Lien Fee

  • $25.00 on State of Oklahoma Lien Entry Form (plus mailing fee)

Duplicate Titles

  • $25.00/per title


Edna Miller
Enrollment Clerk, Tag Agent
Office: 918-540-1536
Fax: 918-542-3214