Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)

Child Care Assistance


To participate in the Ottawa Tribe Child Care Subsidy Program the parent(s)/guardians must be working, training, or enrolled in an education program. The Ottawa Tribe CCDF program serves all federally recognized Native American families that reside within our service area which includes NW Arkansas, SW Missouri, SE Kansas, and NE Oklahoma. The family must meet the adjusted monthly income guidelines. To apply for assistance parent(s) must submit a completed application and include the following:

  1. Current one-full month pay stubs and completed Employment Verification Forms.
  2. Proof of parent or child’s tribal affiliation
  3. Proof of residence (utility bill in applicant’s name)
  4. Copy of children’s state-certified birth certificate
  5. Copy of each child’s current Immunizations (shot records).
  6. Class schedule and letter of acceptance from school
  7. Copy of Pell grant and any other financial assistance
  8. Divorce/custody/child support/guardianship documents

The Child Care Assistance Application and Provider Agreement may be submitted via e-mail, office visit, or mail.


Carol Essex, CCDF Director:
Kristi Smith, CCDF Program Specialist:
(918) 542-7259