To enroll as a citizen of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma, your ancestor(s) must be listed on one of the following Ottawa Rolls:

  1. Roll of 1940
  2. Roll of 1956

If you have an ancestor on one of the required rolls you will need:

  1. Need a copy of the Original state certified birth certificate for yourself and birth/death certificates for each of your ancestors, connecting you back to a person who meets the above criteria
  2. A completed Enrollment application of the Native line only from you back to the one listed on a required roll.  Your completed application will be reviewed by the Enrollment Department. If everything is correct, it will be forwarded to the Ottawa Tribal Business Council for certification. The Business Council only approves membership applications once a year which is at the Council meeting held on the first Saturday of May.  Documentation needs to be submitted for processing by April 15 of each year.  Please make sure you write on the application your email and phone number in case there are any questions needing to be answered.

Lost or stolen membership cards can be replaced for $5 by contacting the Enrollment department by email or phone.

Maintain and keep current name changes, address changes, phone, and email changes with the Enrollment Department.

The Enrollment Department needs to be notified of deceased members and given a copy of a death certificate. Death Benefit forms can be submitted to the Enrollment Department within 90 days of the death date. The Death Benefit form is on the webpage.


Edna Miller
Enrollment Clerk, Tag Agent
E-mail: emiller.oto@gmail.com
Office: 918-540-1536
Fax: 918-542-3214